Drop In Temperatures Brings New Set Of Potential Home Disasters Into Play

As winter sets in with freezing temperatures, one must keep in mind their plumbing systems. If steps are not taken your pipes could freeze, resulting in a burst or ruptured pipe. Neglecting your plumbing in the winter can lead to costly property damage. If your pipes have froze this winter and your looking for an answer on how to fix them we have the answers for you. While prevention of burst pipes due to freezing is far better then treating a burst pipe after the fact, Master plumbers are experience in rescuing frozen pipes to minimize burst pipe disasters.

Hiring a pro is the best and most sure fire way to return your plumbing system back to normal ASAP. Master plumbers are very experienced with dealing with frozen pipes, these professionals deal with winter plumbing issues and water damage frequently, so they will assess your unique situation quickly and start thawing your pipes immediately.

Find out how to keep water pipes from freezing with this frozen pipes infographic.

One of the tools a master plumber will use most ordinary people will not even have access to, its a specialized piece of expensive equipment. Master plumbers generally do not use the DIY techniques of using a propane torch, as these are dangerous methods and can actually cause more damage then good. Instead, they rely on special equipment to get the job done safely and rescue your frozen pipes. One such tool is the Hot Shot pipe thawing machine. Tearing up floors, breaking holes into walls, or digging up the ground to get at frozen pipes is no longer needed with the Hot Shot thawing machine. This machine will rapidly thaw out any pipes that can transfer current, however other methods of thawing are required for thaw PEX, PVC and ABS pipes. Another safe and effective method master plumbers use in the thawing of the frozen pipes and water service lines with no fire hazard is the Pulse Jet De-Icer. The plumber sends tubing down the line along with a special spray, and then high pressure is used to thaw the pipes. A immersion heater warms the water sent into the pipes. This method can even be used on PEX, PVC and ABS pipes with no rick involved. this system has been in service for over 15 years, and it is currently being used with great success by hundreds of plumbing contractors and water damage restoration professionals throughout the United States.

Going with a master plumber is always the safe bet when it comes to frozen pipes. Sure you could try to do it yourself, but in trying to save some money, you could cause a bigger problem then a frozen pipe. Take for example one common do it yourself method of using a propane tank for thawing a pipe. This can result in over heating the pipe causing it to melt or solder at the valve. You could also burn either yourself or your home down. You also can not use a propane torch on PEX, PVC and ABS pipes. If you have a frozen pipe hiring a pro is the best move. Clearing the frozen pipes by using a professional master plumber can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in costs that might have arisen had the frozen pipe burst and caused a water damage emergency in your home. Remember any time you have a frozen pipe, it can lead to a burst pipe. Don’t try to thaw the pipe yourself, as this can cause damage to your pipes or even worse this could cause a fire or electrical hazard, when in doubt consult a pro. You can also consult a master plumber on ways to prevent frozen pipes, such as by insulating your pipes.

Examining Lending Reforms Versus Political Influence

For Texans seeking a small personal or payday loan this year the rules have changed for many Texans on these loans. While no meaningful actions have been taken against payday loan lenders or other lenders on the state level as yet, many cities, towns and small communities have seen a surge of activism and local laws changed for lending practices. Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and other cities have all enacted laws to protect its citizens from unethical lenders and lending practices which have set back many residents financially.

While on the state level nothing has changed lending wise, the push of cities and towns to change lending laws has reached the ears of state level politicians. There is an expected political battle coming in 2015 over payday lending and small personal loans as the next Legislature convenes early next year. The loan industry has heavily financed politicians, but the politicians are starting to realize this is an issue close to voters hearts and that failure to act for the people who voted them into office could have serious consequences. Yet in Texas our history shows that money talks at the Legislature.

One can be certain of one thing, and that is that even if the politicians finally do give into their voting public, the payday loan industry will not back down or go away without a long drawn out fight. They are even challenging the locally enacted laws that effect their industry, A Dallas Municipal Court for example has already denied a series of motions from payday lenders trying to strike down Dallas rather strict payday lending rules and codes. This same company who challenged the Dallas law is ran by none other than Houston-area state Rep. Gary Elkins, who owns CBA Leasing Ltd. doing business as Power Finance. As you can see the payday loan industry in Texas roots run deep even counting law makers among their own ranks.

Yet Texas leads the nation in its grass roots fight against unethical lending practices and shows the rest of the nation just how far activism can take you. City Councils throughout the entire state have taken on lenders head on, cities like Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and many other smaller ones have all put on the books laws to regulate lending where the state had failed, showing the rest of the nation that small communities can accomplish what the state refuses to do.

There are a number of other options in Texas for those seeking loans on a short term basis that are not payday loans. Cash central for example offers installment loans of up to $5000 with much better rates than payday loan lenders, although they too offer a payday loan option. Another option is OneMain Financial they offer short term installment loans designed to suit your budget and needs and they have branches throughout Texas. They feature multiple payment options and your loan amount can be up to $15,000. Lastly the loan amounts have fixed interest rates and no balloon payments so there are no harsh surprises in store for you with this lender. If you do go looking for a loan in Texas be sure to look into your lenders background and read the fine print and the complete terms and conditions of your loan.

Police officers’ slaying raises pressure on New York mayor

Donna Salvaggio and a woman who gave her name as Reverend Jordan hug at a makeshift memorial at the site where two police officers were shot in the head in the Brooklyn borough of New York

By Laila Kearney and Edward McAllister NEW YORK (Reuters) – New York Mayor Bill de Blasio faced the biggest crisis of his political career on Sunday after a gunman killed two police officers in an attack intended to avenge recent police killings of unarmed black men in the United States. New York police officers turned their backs on de Blasio in protest during a news conference and their union said the mayor had blood on his hands after Saturday’s shooting. …

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