3 Tips on Applying for Personal Loans When You are Unemployed

Being unemployed does not rule out all possibilities of >obtaining a personal loan. It is still possible to get a loan if you can think of a way to provide income proof. As long as you can afford paying back, you should go ahead to apply for the loan. The following are 3 tips on how you can get a loan if you are unemployed.

1. Alternate Income
If you are unemployed, you may be living on income that you receive from other sources. As long as you have documents to prove those income, the bank will still consider to approve the loan. The lender will review these document to find out how long you have been and will still be receiving support from the alternate income sources.

The lender will also want to look at the total cash flow you are paying towards your debt every month. You need to make sure that the debt is no more than 43% of the gross monthly income. Examples of alternate income include social security income, pension fund, disability income, alimony payment, investment income, dividend income, retirement income, child support, and government annuity.

2. Get a Cosigner
You can apply a loan with the help of cosigner. When you apply with a cosigner, the cosigner’s credit score and income will be used to approve of the loan. The idea is that the cosigner will be responsible of paying the loan if you are unable to make repayment. You must keep in mind that neglecting to make payment will leave a negative impact on both your credit score and the cosigner’s credit score.

There are very few banks that offer cosigner options. Banks like Wells Fargo and Citibank do offer customers with cosigner options. Online lenders and credit unions are the best sources for unsecured personal loans that offer cosigner options. Examples of online personal loans lenders that offer cosigner options are LoanMoz, Light Stream, Freedom Plus, Backed Personal Loans, Lending Club and OneMain Financial.

3. Get a Secured Loan
You shouldn’t be disappointed if you have been rejected time after time for an unsecured loan. You can still apply for a secured personal loan by using your property as a security. When taking out a secured loan, the lender will consider how much balance you still have outstanding on the mortgage.

The lower the loan to mortgage value, the lower the interest rate and higher the loan amount you will get approved. This is because the house now has a larger equity portion. Secured loan can be dangerous because the bank can send a charging order when you are unable to make repayment. The bank will auction your property to compensate for the cost of the loan which you fail to repay.

Why Should You Let a Professional Deal with Water Damage Repair?

Many homeowners think of handling the water damage repair by themselves just to save some money. However, DIY efforts aren’t always worthwhile. When you try to save money on a water damage repair, you will most often find yourself spending more money in the end. To save your time and money, it is best to just call the experts to come over and fix the situation. The following are the reasons why you should hire a professional water restoration company.

1. Fast Restoration for Your Home or Business
Handling the water damage problem yourself is not recommended when you are not familiar with the cleanup process. You may find yourself taking longer to get the place cleaned up. Improper handling method can result in further damage to your house. Flood restoration professionals can act fast to the situation. They can respond to emergency calls and get the area cleaned up in the shortest time possible. This is crucial especially if your shop is flooded and you want to get back to running the business again.

2. Clean Up Mold Growth Effectively
You may say you have no problem in removing the standing water by yourself. But, there are other problems for example mold growth which is hard to tackle. Mold can grow in hidden places so you shouldn’t think that you have solve the mold problem by removing all visible mold. Mold can pose dangerous threat to your health so you shouldn’t just dismiss it as nothing big deal. The flood restoration service has the right equipment to detect the mold in hidden places such as behind the wall, and under the floor.

3. Help You to Salvage Usable Furniture
If your house gets flooded, it is probable that many of the contents are also soaked in water. Homeowners who don’t know how to check whether the contents can be reused often end up throwing them away when they can actually be salvaged. The professional can help you to determine whether a furniture can be salvaged. They can give you advice on what cleanup steps to take.

4. Insurance Coverage
Many flood restoration professionals have partnerships with insurance companies. When you hire a flood restoration professional that supports your insurance company, the claim process can be shortened and you can quickly have access to the fund you need to carry out the repair work. With the coverage of a insurance, you will be able to reduce the cost that you have to pay.

5. Prompt Action Will Prevent Extra Costs

Taking prompt action to resolve the water damage problem can significantly reduce the cost. Delay can cause extensive damage to other structures of the house. The water can enter into your dry wall and cause mold growth. The cost can quickly increase when you delay just a little bit of time. This is why you should hire a professional flood restoration service to cut down the unnecessary costs.

3 Must have zero percent credit cards for 2017

Zero percent credit cards allows you to save money on interest rates when you are shopping. This means that you only pay back the actual amount you spend and you are exempted from paying the interest rate. Zero percent credit cards will help you to save thousands of dollars if you frequently use credit card. The following list provided by bestcreditcards.co are the 3 must have credit cards that offers 0% APR intro period in 2017.

Citi Diamond Preferred offers the longest intro APR period by charging you 0% APR interest fees for 21 months on purchases and balance transfer. The variable APR rate that you will be charged at the end of the 21 months is in between 13.49% – 23.49%. like other balance transfer cards, you get charged with a 3% or $5 minimum balance transfer fee. The annual fee for Citi Simplicity card is $0. the card has none of the fees that other cards charge including late, penalty, max overlimit and annual fees. The card offers a 23 days grace period. There is a foreign transaction fee if you use the card overseas. The foreign transaction fee is 3% of the cost of the product/services you pay with your card. City Simplicity Card offers 24 hours concierge services to provide personal help for the card holders at any time.

Chase Freedom Unlimited is generous in providing an intro APR period that will expire after 15 months. The intro APR period applies to purchases and balance transfer. No interest fee will accrue on the balance no matter if you use the card to make purchases or use the balance transfer feature to pay your credit card debts. If you are using the card for purchases, you can expect to earn 1.5% cash back on every single dollar. There is no need to make sure that you are spending in the correct bonus categories to collect the rewards points. You can also redeem your $150 bonus after reaching $500 in your total credit card spending within 3 months. You will get a 3% foreign transaction fee if you use the card overseas.

Chase Slate
also offers a 15 months intro APR period for purchases and balance transfer like Chase Freedom Unlimited. For balance transfer, make sure you remember to transfer your credit card debts to the Chase Slate card in 60 days otherwise you won’t be qualified for the 15 months intro Apr period offer. The variable APR rate of 13.24% – 23.24% applies when the 15 months 0% intro period comes to an end. The advantage of Chase Slate card is that it will never charge you any penalty APR rate if you forgot to pay on time. You can get access to your free monthly FICO score report every month.

Police officers’ slaying raises pressure on New York mayor

Donna Salvaggio and a woman who gave her name as Reverend Jordan hug at a makeshift memorial at the site where two police officers were shot in the head in the Brooklyn borough of New York

By Laila Kearney and Edward McAllister NEW YORK (Reuters) – New York Mayor Bill de Blasio faced the biggest crisis of his political career on Sunday after a gunman killed two police officers in an attack intended to avenge recent police killings of unarmed black men in the United States. New York police officers turned their backs on de Blasio in protest during a news conference and their union said the mayor had blood on his hands after Saturday’s shooting. …

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