How to Optimize your Google+ Business Profile

Are you currently using Google+? Is your profile and business page optimized to ensure it reaches your target audience? While some though Google+ was disappearing its actually gaining popularity once again. Google clearly favors its own product, and since Google+ is one of them it can help you increase your marketing reach. According to a recent video from High Level Marketing, a company that specializes in helping small busienss owners with seo and marketing. Now-a-days it’s more important than ever to optimize your Google+ company page to ensure it coincides with your company’s overall goals. Your company’s Google+ page is an extension of your brand. You can assign multiple administrators who work in your company to help co-manage the page or an in-house marketing team, whose sole focus is social media marketing.

In this article we will discuss three different ways you can optimize your Google+ company page in order to increase your company’s visibility.

Claim Your Custom URL

Google+ has made it much easier for you to share your company’s Google+ page with others. Instead of a long and complicated URL, they have replaced it with custom URLs that you can set up. Custom Google+ URLs are easy to set up and when you add your company name they will read as “”. This makes it much easier for prospects to find and connect with your company. It’s also a lot easier to remember!

Optimize Your Company’s Google+ Page for Search

Your company’s Google+ page is the perfect place to optimize, increase search rankings, and reinforce your branding. While some companies forget to fill out the “About” section, this should be one of the first things you complete (and optimize).

Your “About” section needs to include your tagline, contact information, website links, and your introduction. Your tagline is the description that appears in the search results when your page pops up. Since your tagline shows up in the search results you should put extra thought and consideration into what you write. Write a tagline that is clear and concise and mentions what your company does, what industry it services, or add some relevant keywords where it makes the most sense.

Your Google+ page’s introduction is where you’ll get the chance to discuss who your company is, what your company values are, what your value proposition is, and what services your company provides in detail.

Don’t forget to link your Google+ page to your company website, other social media accounts, and any downloadable material you are using to build leads and promote your brand.

The one thing you won’t need to add is your address. That is because your Google+ “About” page will automatically use the address listed on Google Map.

Make sure you also claim your Google+ Local page. This is especially important for any brick-and-mortar business. Claiming your Google+ Local page will help your business rank higher in the search results.

Leverage Your Google+ Connections

When you publish posts onto your company’s Google+ page you can begin posting your blogs and news as well as begin cross-promoting information, industry news and articles from respectable sources. When you cross-promote you will be able to build relationships and beneficial connections. It will also show your audience that you are looking out for their benefit, not just promoting your own company constantly.

You don’t want to be that business that is constantly self-promoting, it doesn’t add value to your brand. Keep a healthy balance between informative posts from other sources and your company’s posts to get the best results.

Don’t Just Set it and forget it

Once you have put together and optimized your company’s Google+ page you can leverage it as a powerful tool. You will build an audience over time and it’s important that you nurture those relationships by engaging with them. And don’t forget, make sure your posts always stand out!

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