Finding Options For Real Lenders In The State of Oklahoma

Finding a personal loan provider in Oklahoma can be difficult at times, especially if your credit is not good enough for a bank loan. Banks tightened up their lending criteria following the 2008 recession, which left thousands of Oklahomans in a tight spot when it came to finding a lender. You deserve to find a loan that has the interest rate you deserve and terms you can live with, so we have made it a bit easier for you to locate a personal loan that best suits your finances. Here is a list of the top personal loan providers in Oklahoma.

This is actually the last choice of all the lenders on my list. No matter what your credit is, they start at a minimum of 19% APR. The only reason they made my list is their customer service is excellent, approval rates are high so they are good when in a pinch, and you can check your rates without affecting your credit score. They allow you to lend up to $35,000 which for many people is enough for a down payment on a house. They allow up to 5 years for the loan terms. Despite the high APR 9 out of 10 Avant users would recommend them, or so their website claims.

FNB Community Bank

While this is a bank, they lend freely, they have loosened the restrictive lending criteria that many banks enacted during the 2008 recession. They offer low rates, flexible repayment options and affordable payments. The application process is quick and easy, and they approve applications fairly quickly for a bank. Customer service is friendly and American based, so no dealing with over seas customer service reps. You can even pay online using another bank, they try their best to make repayment on your loan as easy as possible. They also offer auto loans, construction loans and a line of credit.


Bank2 has stepped up to fill a gap in lenders offering personal loans to Oklahomans. They lend money no matter the reason, be it a down payment on a vehicle, or debt consolidation. They offer very competitive rates, no matter what credit score range you fall into. Their application process is fairly streamlined and approvals or denials happen in fairly short order. They do allow people who have been denied a chance to speak to a loan officer and present their case. For those whose credit normally would not allow them to borrow, they offer CD-secured loan options. Customer service is very friendly and personal.

Vouch is rather unique when it comes to personal loans, and for many people it offers them their only chance to obtain a loan and build up or rebuild credit, all at affordable rates. How it works is you must get people to “vouch” for you. It is just like co-signing a loan with one difference, you can get more than one person to vouch for you. The more vouches you receive the lower your interest rate or APR will be, and the more you can borrow. I should point out that vouches must be qualified to improve your loan offer. When someone vouches for you they agree to be responsible for a part of the debt, at least $100 worth, and they must have a FICO score of at least 580, as below a 580 score chances are they do not care about their credit hence the vouch would be worthless.